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Embarking on the journey to a successful graduation ceremony involves meticulous planning and attention to detail. At Grad Prints LK, we’re here to ensure that capturing your graduates’ proud moments is effortless and seamless.

Have a question about our process or services? Look through our FAQ or reach out to us directly by clicking the contact us button below.

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To register your institution’s graduation ceremony, visit our registration form and submit your details. You’ll need to provide details about the institution, contact information, and the date of the ceremony. Our team will then get in touch with you to finalize the arrangements.

Our services are primarily aimed at the graduating students. For detailed pricing structures and potential collaborations, please contact us.

For each graduation event, we create a dedicated ordering website (like This allows students to easily pre-order their photo packages and ensures a smooth photo session scheduling process.

We employ top-notch security protocols to ensure all personal data is protected. Additionally, we adhere strictly to data privacy laws and never share or sell student information. All can read all policies in-depth on our Privacy Policy and Terms of Services pages.

Our primary service is to institutions that have registered with us. However, individuals or parents can contact us, and we will coordinate to see if arrangements can be made for individual photography services, subject to availability.

One of the key features that distinguish Grad Prints LK from other providers is our innovative online portal system. This user-friendly platform streamlines the entire process, from registration to photo selection and delivery. Institutions can easily register their events, specify requirements, and coordinate logistics through the portal. After the ceremony, graduates and their families can access the portal to view and select photos, customize packages, and place orders. The system ensures a hassle-free experience by providing real-time updates and keeping all parties informed throughout the process. This technological edge not only enhances efficiency and convenience but also allows for a more personalized and engaging experience for the graduates and their families, making Grad Prints LK a modern and customer-centric choice in graduation photography services.